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4 Best Tips For Core Drilling

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Ore exploration and core diamond drilling is carried out everywhere in the world. It is a process in which core is extracted from particular places of slabs made of concrete. It is done to test the strength. When it comes to core drilling, it is suggested that a professional driller be hired. However, if you are someone who likes to do things on their own, here are some tips you need to consider related to core drilling.

1. Select The Right Drill Machine

Since drilling is mostly done on concrete, there is a huge variety of drilling machines available in the market. If you wish you can either rent them or simply purchase, depending on the type of work. If the drilling task needs to be done once, you can rent a drilling machine, however, if you will be needing it more often, then purchasing it is a better option. Furthermore, if the drilling task is minor, you can opt for a handheld drill machine that can drill holes upto a diameter of 3 inches. However, if you are working on something bigger, then a rig-mounted or drill stand unit will work better. Always purchase a drilling machine keeping multifunction alive. This way, you will not be limited to your drilling tasks.

2. Find A Suitable Stand Attachment

The next thing you need to do is find a suitable stand attachment. Choosing the perfect stand attachment will depend on where you need to drill the holes and of course the surface. If you intend to work on surfaces that are flat, using vacuum stands will be appropriate. These stands use suction action to remain attached to the floor. In such cases, drilling anchor holes are not required. However, if it is the walls you are working on, then a standing attachment will be a suitable option.


3. Consider Power Options

When it comes to drilling machines, there are three types: Hydraulic, Electric, and air-powered sources. Your decision of selecting a particular type should be based on the availability of power and the nature of the working environment. If the area where you are drilling has access to electricity, then purchasing an electric-powered drilling machine will be a wise option. Moreover, once you are in the market looking for a drilling machine, you will observe that each unit comes with a recommended speed for different concrete hardness and the size of holes.

4. Selecting The Right Diamond Bit

Choosing the right diamond bit is key when it comes to core drilling. You will need to consider the PSI and aggregate hardness of the concrete surface for drilling tasks. In simple words, the diamond bit needs to be in complete proportion to the surface or material that is about to be drilled. Professionals tend to use a soft diamond bond for hard concrete drilling tasks. On the other hand, a hard diamond bond is used for drilling soft materials and surfaces. In the end, it all depends on the task and situation at hand. Your choices will rely on the nature of drilling tasks and the availability of resources.

Final Word

Summing up, core drilling is a time taking process and if possible, you need to get it right the first time. If you tend to be careless, your productivity will be zero. Therefore, consider the tips mentioned above to achieve success in every core drilling project.